Return of the Great Zoltan! Our 800-63 FAQs answer life’s most perplexing questions (about digital identity, anyway).

It’s been more than a month since we released Special Publication 800-63: Digital Identity Guidelines, and we have been thrilled by all the positive feedback – we are glad you like it as much as we do! But we’re also fielding a number of questions.

When we started this update to SP 800-63, we promised we’d put stakeholders in more control of the writing and position ourselves to be more hands-on in getting solutions implemented. For the latter, we’ve begun our work on the implementation guides, and today we’re releasing a simple little document to kickstart the continual process of clarifying the document and facilitating all the good work agencies and industry are doing to get digital identity right.

The document included a lot of updates, so it’s only natural that we’ve heard some reoccurring questions from the community. Realizing many have the same questions, we kept track of these and compiled them in a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.

We will publish updates to the FAQs as more questions roll in and you’ll always be able to find the current version on GitHub.

More questions? Ask us directly!

You can send all your questions to us via GitHub or email. We will keep track of all the questions we receive and add to the FAQs when we see themes emerge.

When we add a new Q & A, we’ll let you know via Twitter. Again, the most up-do-date document will always be located here.

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