Closing time! You don’t have to go home … but you can still comment on draft SP 800-63-3

Just 15 days remain in the comment period for draft Special Publication (SP) 800-63-3: Digital Identity Guidelines! The document opened for public comment on January 30th and will close on March 31st. Based on the comments we’ve received so far, we don’t expect to extend the deadline, so get to work and submit your comments before closing time!

To see what we covered during our informational 800-63-3 webinar, check out the recording from February 7th (accompanying slides can be found here).


Why now?

The proposed update more closely matches the way digital services are deployed and utilized today. Our aim for SP 800-63-3 is to help agencies mitigate risk by accepting diverse sets of identity proofing and authentication techniques. The revised draft also more closely aligns with the identity standards work occurring across the globe.

Our process and timeline

Since the start of this public comment period, we’ve already adjudicated more than 50 of your comments – the vast majority of which have been clarifications or the addition of helpful definitions. As always, we welcome more of your comments and plan to review and adjudicate them as quickly as we can once the comment period closes. While we aim to publish the final Digital Identity Guidelines document by early summer, we take this process seriously and won’t go final just yet if requirements fundamentally shift based on insightful comments from the community. That said, we don’t feel that the comments we’ve received so far have reached the threshold that warrants extending the comment period or introducing a second comment period…so you should anticipate that, after first opening for comments on GitHub last May, the end of this comment period on March 31st is truly your last chance to weigh in.

How to comment

GitHub is our preferred tool for the submission of comments; you can read the document here and you can contribute here. We also have a PDF version of the draft and submit email comments to Note that we will make all comments publicly available by converting those shared via email to open GitHub “issues” to maintain an open and transparent process.

We appreciate your collaboration, questions, and thoughts – so please keep the comments coming until the end of the month as we work to make 800-63-3 even better…the sooner you can submit them, the better.

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