Stepping stones: working to establish a solid foundation for measurement science in the Identity Ecosystem

The crowd for the event's first panel. Photo by James Bryce Clark

The crowd for the event’s first panel. Photo by James Bryce Clark

Mike Garcia closed out the first workshop of NIST’s new Applied Cybersecurity Division with the same energy, passion, and commitment to action that we saw from all attendees over the course of the two-day event: “There is an Identity Ecosystem. We have attributes and we use them. We proof identities. We authenticate…but we know that’s not the whole story. Each of us knows we could do better and that digital identity matters to us, as a society and in our economy.”

The “Applying Measurement Science in the Identity Ecosystem” workshop was a huge success from NIST’s perspective; post-conference chatter leads me believe that attendees felt the same way. These two days further validated my excitement coming to work every day: we were humbled by the 220 familiar faces and new friends that showed a desire to build on the community’s progress in digital identity, along with the diversity of opinions and expertise to do just that. Between informative expert panels and intensive breakout sessions, attendees delved into measurement science in the Identity Ecosystem – brainstorming and evaluating approaches, barriers, implementation considerations, and more.

So, what’s next?

In a few weeks, we’ll be releasing a proceedings document summarizing what we heard at the event to share the discussions more broadly—and to make sure we synthesized your input accurately—so that our follow-on efforts are aligned with the goals and interests of this community. From there, we’ll be working with you to determine the next steps to advance measurement science in the Identity Ecosystem. This will all be an iterative process and we won’t do anything hastily; getting this right is our priority. One message that was loud and clear at the workshop: there is more to explore in this area. So please keep an eye out for blog posts, tweets, and emails with ways to get involved in the next steps.

In the meantime, we welcome comments, feedback, and guidance on both the content and our process; if you have additional contributions to these efforts, please send them to

While this workshop was an important step, this work is just beginning; we look forward to continuing with you on this journey. Thank you to all of the attendees and panelists—as well as the facilitators and diligent note takers and detailed event planners—for making this event a great success. I’m proud to be part of this committed team at NIST who created and executed with this event and the amazing community that contributed to it.

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